Allison Hedge Coke tweeted a link to SPARK’s Women on the Map project. From their website:

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are thrilled to launch this unique SPARK “herstorytelling” project on Field Trip, a location-based app created by Google that recommends unique and interesting places to visit. We have “mapped” more than 100 amazing and impressive women, and connected their stories with landmarks and locations significant to their lives in dozens of cities and 28 countries around the world.

I’ve downloaded the Field Trip app and was thrilled to see Gloria Anzaldúa and Sojourner Truth among the women they’ve decided to feature. There are many more women whose history I’m excited to learn about.

In celebration of many things this month, I’d like to share the following empowering reads:

“On Changing Identity,” from an interview with Gloria Anzaldúa by Canéla Analucinda Jaramillo 

Sojourner Truth’s “Arn’t (Ain’t) I a Woman” speech

It’s up to us to contribute, share, and support, and not just during the month of March, but every day.


4 thoughts on “#womenonthemap

    • I had to go downtown this week, and this app kept notifying me of all these places I needed to visit in my hometown! Thanks for reading.

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