Jack Myers / poetry

Pajamas, "Healthy" Food, Cell Phones, and Jack Myers

Lunch observations for today:

1.  I know pajamas are comfortable.  That’s why I and a great many other people like to wear them to bed.  Their comfort and warmth are conducive to sleep.  How is wearing them out in public, especially to a restaurant, conducive to dining?  Ah, yes, you like to dine in comfort.  I’m still puzzled.  Sorry if you’re not with me on this one.

2.  If you are fresh from a workout at the gym and still in your gym attire, and are complaining to your gym friend about your constant workouts but lack of weight loss, please don’t order a huge salad with fried chicken pieces and drenched in ranch dressing.  And even though you’ve rationalized that half of a dessert (because you’re splitting it) is “healthier” than a whole dessert, you’ve just erased your whole workout and then some.  But, if you’re all about working out to maintain your weight and eating what you want, eat on. I will be open to sharing a peanut butter filled chocolate whoopie pie with you on my designated cheat day. 😉

3.  Out of 8 other tables around me, I was the only lone diner, and couldn’t help but notice that only one table of four women were enjoying a lively conversation.  The rest of the tables (7) were all withdrawn from any conversation or human interaction, opting instead for a wide-eyed interaction with their cell phones.  And I continued to watch at this lack of human interaction for minutes on end.  And then when their food arrived, well, you know what happened.  Am I the only one saddened by this?

And on a side note, I have been thinking about teachers who have touched my life because it is National Teacher Appreciation week and came upon a poem that reminded me of a special teacher in my life.  I almost wanted to write “former teacher” but that would not be appropriate.  Jack Myers’ instruction and lessons live on in my life not only through his memory, but through his books and poetry, especially now as I read his final poetry collection The Memory of Water.  Jack, I’m still watching, listening, and learning.  And yes, still writing.  I miss you, and I thank you.

Smile, Andrea

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