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A Moment to Believe In and Other Good Finds Sunday

The Purple-Leaf Plums are blooming in my backyard
I’ve selected Anne Sexton’s “The Expatriates” as the poem for this week. “…it was a moment/ to clutch at for a moment/so that you may believe in it…”
Other good finds from this week:
It’s Women’s History Month! How are you celebrating? Here’s a poetry pairing for it!
I want to go for a ride with Terrance Hayes – fabulous poetry article!
The back story for my poem “Flying Ant” is now up on Rose & Thorn Journal’s blog
A lovely music video to inspire you: “Did Skies Divide” by Leora Caylor
What has inspired you? What are you looking forward to this week?

6 thoughts on “A Moment to Believe In and Other Good Finds Sunday

  1. Andrea, I'd never read that Anne Sexton poem before and it is so striking. I'm planning on moving to Massachusetts next fall for school and so her descriptions of the trees just stole my heart.

  2. It's been a beautiful 78 degree day here in So.Cal. on the coast. The rocky brown hillsides of the Channel Islands stand out against a brilliant blue ocean. That's all the inspiration I need. And a photo of blooming purple leaf plum blossoms.

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