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Bookstores Will Never Be The Same For Me Again

Thanks to Christine Houser for today’s guest post. Christine’s created some lovely postcards during Hoot Review’s PenPal Project, and if you’re in need of a writing exercise, I’m fond of the Where I’m From exercise on her blog.

Bookstores Will Never Be The Same For Me Again

By Christine Houser

Little did I realize, when I discovered book-spine poetry several weeks ago, that I was late to the party. I came across this post at Brain Pickings and it set my imagination on fire.

That same day, I stopped at a neighborhood bookstore next to the coffee shop where I was meeting a friend in Seattle and spent a fervent 20 minutes composing book spine poems. The silver lining is getting to know the staff at any bookstore you invade since you can’t very easily ransack the shelves and snap photos for long without attracting attention.  Since then, I’ve also read about the inception of book-spine poetry, which started with the very interesting Sorted Books project by Nina Katchadourian.  Bookstores will never be the same for me again.

This is my favorite book-spine poem from that day and many have since become souvenirs of travels and outings with friends.

Please share yours!

Book Spine Poetry by Chris Houser

Ode to Colorado

Take me home, tumbleweeds

Take me home, snowdrops

Take me home, outlaw

Take me home

– Christine Houser is a writer and teacher living in Seattle, and blogs at www.flashmemoirs.com, which is a companion to the Write a Flash Memoir class.

10 thoughts on “Bookstores Will Never Be The Same For Me Again

  1. This is so fun! I had to run over to my bookshelf at home and see what I could come up with… Let’s see:

    beautiful boy
    we shared light
    the light
    in ordinary things

    a language older than words
    in the palm of your hands
    the language of flowers

    The Four Agreements:
    – Full Moon Feast
    – Chocolat
    – The Forbidden
    – Lights Out

    when things fall apart,
    comfort me with apples
    bird by bird,
    let me sing you gentle songs

    (I took photos of the books, but don’t think there is a section to upload the photos.)

    Also, I have to comment on how small of a world it is…I have been following hoot review online since they began (around a year ago) and just last night, I decided to purchase the post cards, since I love reading them so much. This morning, what a fun surprise to see your guest post from a hoot review contributor! Cheers to tiny joys, tiny coincidences and tiny words.

    • I love these, Jess! Thanks for sharing. My favorite is #3. I think I need a photo of this up on my bulletin board!

      • Thanks so much for adding to the collection. I have a little handmade book just for book-spine poems and you are now a featured contributor, Jessica.

  2. I love book spine poetry! I ran an hilarious one last night, also on Brain Pickings.

    I was intrigued by the “Where I’m From” prompt on your Flash Memoirs blog….so I immediately did it.

    Thanks to Christine and to Andrea both.

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