Words will find you

In Montpelier, VT - Andrea Beltran

There’s this hill I like to walk to when I’m in Vermont. Standing at this peak, a wide spot between two houses, I can look out over this part of  Montpelier: the sleepy little houses with their gardens, a downtown church steeple, more hills–it’s a nice expanse promising peace when the demands of residency begin to weigh me down.

While there in December, I laced up my snow boots and headed toward this hill. I couldn’t remember the last time I was that cold, but I was determined to walk slow. Being from Texas, it’s not often that I get to experience a true winter. On my way to my favorite spot, I passed a shed with bits of paper taped to each window pane. Upon walking a little closer to it, I realized that on the bits of paper were these words:

Faith     is     the     bird        that     feels     the     light

when     the     dawn     is        still     dark.          Rabindranath Tagore


Where have words found you?


6 thoughts on “Words will find you

    • Thanks for reading, Christine. I began a low-residency program, so I travel to Vermont twice a year: once in summer and again in the winter.

  1. Oh how beautiful! It makes me think of the tags that hang from a wishing tree on campus with the most wonderful variety of words, thoughts, poems – some decorated, some so tattered there’s only the ghost of a message left, yet the spirit is so evident.
    I would love to hear how your residency is going,
    -Chris @ flashmemoirs.com

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