Montpelier Peony by Andrea Beltran

“Poetry makes nothing happen.” – Auden

This line is taken from this poem.

Don Share shares an illuminating discussion on this line here

This is just for fun. Having fun is important. I’m interested in responses to this line. Or to the words in this line. Or non-responses. Or translations. Or photos. Or videos. I hope you’ll share.



4 thoughts on “Respond

  1. I’ll take the somewhat Buddhist/physics approach. Most of everything is nothing; most of the world is the space between matter, that space defined by attraction and speed and perception. A whole lot of nothing to most of us who see a chair and sit down on it, and rest our assumptions on such matters. Poetry, at least to me, slows things down and gives us a glimpse into all the nothing that his happening and engulfing or rather small somethings. That’s how it works for me, both as a reader of poetry and a writer of poetry.

    Thanks for posting the Auden quotation–I had not read that poem before and very much enjoyed it.

    • Thanks for sharing, Jeff. It’s the small things that really are the big things, just like your taking time time to read and comment.

  2. As Share points out in his fine essay, the line is written in a poem itself. It’s the kind of provocation every poet finds him/herself using as we move downward to the poem’s end and its “explosion into meaning.” One line or another is a trick of the unconscious, like a dream.

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